At Science on the Court (SOTC), our mission is to ignite a passion for STEM in young minds through the universal appeal of sports. We are committed to enhancing students' understanding and application of STEM concepts by integrating them with basketball and other athletic activities. Our program is designed to make STEM subjects accessible and engaging, helping students from diverse backgrounds to excel both academically and athletically. Through our innovative curriculum, we aim to develop well-rounded individuals who are confident, curious, and equipped with the skills necessary for future academic and career success.
    Our vision is to become a leading force in STEM education, recognized for our unique approach of blending sports with academic learning. We aspire to cultivate a generation of thinkers, innovators, and leaders who are as proficient in the classroom as they are in their sports. By expanding our reach to a broader demographic and continuously evolving our teaching methods, we strive to bridge learning gaps, promote diversity in STEM fields, and inspire students to achieve their full potential. Ultimately, SOTC envisions a future where the skills learned on the court seamlessly translate into real-world problem-solving, opening a world of opportunities for our students in STEM careers and beyond.